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Football-trips.com is a website that shows prices for football tickets and football packages from different Travel Agencies and Ticket Companies. The website was founded in 2008 with the ambition to make it easier for European football fans. At present it is possible to compare 20 different companies, everything from the ones that only sell single match tickets to the ones that sell packages there both accommodation and airline tickets are included.

Search for the football team that you want to watch, or choose an interesting destination or league. Compare football tickets, hotels and airline tickets from the different companies that are represented. The actual booking is made at the agent’s website. Remember that type of payment, guarantees and other factors can vary between the different companies.

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In only a couple of years, the interest for football packages, has grown enormously in Europe. Today we follow both the national football team, as well as our favourite European team, and we take part in the fantastic atmosphere both inside and outside the arena.

Whether it is the national team playing in the European Football Championship or the World Cup, any of the foreign leagues or a Champions League game; more and more fans choose to watch the games live instead of in front of the TV. We meet up with family, friends and colleagues to enjoy a weekend with world class football.

Over the years, it has been easier to buy football tickets and packet arrangement, and therefore the number of travellers has increased. Today there are a great number of European companies that sell tickets and football packages. On this website we have gathered the majority of them.

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football packages to England

Watch the greatest and most covered league in the world, the Premier League, live. Be part of the fantastic atmosphere at the arena and the pubs.

football packages to Spain

Watch the best league in the world, La Liga, live. Experience the magic atmosphere, as well as the beautiful football, that is played in Spain.

football packages to Germany

Visit Germany and watch one of the best football leagues in the world live. Be part of the tremendous atmosphere in the stand, as well as everywhere in the city before kick-off.

football packages to Italy

Visit Italy and watch a Serie A game, experience the whole Italian football culture, the pleasant weather, good food and world class football.