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If you are a Chelsea fan, probably a football trip with Chelsea FC is high on your list, the club is one of the most successful in recent years. Want to see players like Hazard, Willian and Kanté play their fast technical football close up in the 2018/2019 season? On our site, we list both complete football trips with Chelsea FC and also only match tickets to their home games. Choose the one that suits you best.

How to buy a football trip with Chelsea FC?

There are three different options; only the ticket, package with hotels or packages with hotels and flights. Since London is one of the most popular tourist cities and Chelsea one of the city's biggest teams, the stadium is always full. Many of our partners are official partners with Chelsea, which means that you as a buyer can feel safe in your purchase. Take the opportunity to see the team make their best effort in both league and cup games at home at Stamford Bridge along with over 40,000 other supporters.

Buy souvenirs or check out Stamford Bridge closer

Visit places that are usually reserved for players, referees, coaches and the media. The tour takes about an hour and you get the opportunity to take part in the club's development and history in its own museum. Check out the combined lunch and viewing packages to get the most out of your visit.

Buy Chelsea tickets or a package deal?

If you want to buy tickets to Chelsea's home games directly from the club, you should be a member of the club. Otherwise, you can choose to buy your football trip from a partner, ie. one of the ticket vendors or travel agencies we list here on the site. Visit the mighty Stamford Bridge and take advantage of the great atmosphere that the Premier League matches are known for. Compare prices for tickets and package deals from all major sellers.

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Fixtures 2018 | 2019
18 feb
Chelsea vs Manchester United
Stamford Bridge
FA Cup
fr 200 €
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21 feb
Chelsea vs Malmö FF
Stamford Bridge
Europa League
fr 71 €
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24 feb
Chelsea vs Brighton
Stamford Bridge
Premier League
fr 107 €
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24 feb
Chelsea vs Manchester City
Wembley Stadium
fr 190 €
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27 feb
Chelsea vs Tottenham
Stamford Bridge
Premier League
fr 136 €
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3 march
Fulham vs Chelsea
Craven Cottage
Premier League
fr 125 €
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10 march
Chelsea vs Wolverhampton
Stamford Bridge
Premier League
fr 100 €
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17 march
Everton vs Chelsea
Goodison Park
Premier League
fr 93 €
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31 march
Cardiff vs Chelsea
Cardiff City Stadium
Premier League
fr 175 €
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6 april
Chelsea vs West Ham
Stamford Bridge
Premier League
fr 157 €
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13 april
Liverpool vs Chelsea
Premier League
fr 664 €
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20 april
Chelsea vs Burnley
Stamford Bridge
Premier League
fr 171 €
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27 april
Manchester United vs Chelsea
Old Trafford
Premier League
fr 250 €
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4 may
Chelsea vs Watford
Stamford Bridge
Premier League
fr 180 €
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12 may
Leicester vs Chelsea
King Power Stadium
Premier League
fr 232 €
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Briefly about Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge is one of the oldest football stadiums in England. The stadium was actually opened way back in 1877, but initially football had to compete with athletics and other sports for its time. In total it has room for nearly 42,000 spectators. There are plans on expanding the stadium or to just build a new one in the vicinity.

Other things to do in London

London is a world metropole that invites you to take part in a plethora of activities and experiences. In London you can eat well, drink well, see many attractions, experience the wing beats of history in one of its many museums, go shopping on the large shopping streets, got to the markets of Camden and much, much more.

Stamford Bridge - Chelsea

Stamford Bridge is one of the absolutely oldest stadiums in England and home to Chelsea FC. Stamford Bridge, or just The Bridge, is a classic stadium that has been known for a plethora of events through the years – musical as well as sports. If you are a fan of Chelsea FC, a visit to The Bridge is highly recommended.

Football packages with Chelsea FC

The Stamford Bridge stadium was built in 1877. Initially the stadium was mainly built for athletics, however. It wasn’t until 1905, the year Chelsea FC was founded, that the stadium for the first time was looked upon as a football stadium. Today, Stamford Bridge has a spectator capacity of 41,837 seated visitors. In the 1930’s and for some time thereafter, the capacity was almost double the current one. An attendance record was set in 1935 when 82,905 people came to see Chelsea play Arsenal.

It was on April 28th 1877 that the first sports event was held on Stamford Bridge, and the sport was athletics. In the beginning of the 1900’s the stadium was rebuilt since the plan was for the football club Fulham to move in, but instead the newly formed Chelsea took over the rental contract in 1905. An interesting thing is that Stamford Bridge actually resides in the London neighborhood Fulham.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, Chelsea made many changes on Stamford Bridge. Among other things it partly rebuilt two standing bleachers to become seated. However, the changes had big consequences on the club’s economy, and in the end it had to sell Stamford Bridge. In 1992 the club regained control of the stadium, but by then it was in a horrid state. Since then, development has moved forward. Between 1994 and 2002 the whole stadium was pretty much completely rebuilt to become a state-of-the-art stadium.

Stamford Bridge lies relatively centrally in London, a few kilometers from the city center. There are many bus lines that connect to the stadium. You can also take the subway to Fulham Broadway (District Line).

Chelsea tickets and travel

You can buy single tickets as well as package trips if you want to see Chelsea play at their home stadium Stamford Bridge. Game tickets aren’t really cheap, however. In fact, Chelsea has the by far most expensive tickets in Premier League. You can buy game tickets on the internet or over the phone (if you are a member of the official Chelsea fan club), but the simplest way is probably to order game tickets in a package together with hotel and flights. Then you won’t have to puzzle together your trip on your own.

Facts about Chelsea

The list of merits for Chelsea was pretty unimpressive up until the 2004/05 season. They then took home their second League gold. Since then, the trophy case at Stamford Bridge has been rapidly filled. It is with reliant stars such as John Terry, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and Ashley Cole that Chelsea has been able to keep the merits flowing during the 2000’s. Chelsea has four League titles, seven wins in the FA Cup, four League Cup titles and one win in Champions League.

There are 4 travel agencies who organize football trips with Chelsea

1 Manchester City 27 21 2 4 74 20 54 65
2 Liverpool 26 20 5 1 59 15 44 65
3 Tottenham 26 20 0 6 54 25 29 60
4 Manchester United 26 15 6 5 52 35 17 51
5 Chelsea 26 15 5 6 45 29 16 50
6 Arsenal 26 15 5 6 53 37 16 50
7 Wolverhampton 26 11 6 9 34 33 1 39
8 Watford 26 10 7 9 34 34 0 37
9 Everton 27 9 6 12 36 39 -3 33
10 West Ham 26 9 6 11 32 39 -7 33
11 Bournemouth 26 10 3 13 37 47 -10 33
12 Leicester 26 9 5 12 31 34 -3 32
13 Crystal Palace 26 7 6 13 27 34 -7 27
14 Brighton 26 7 6 13 28 39 -11 27
15 Burnley 26 7 6 13 29 47 -18 27
16 Cardiff 26 7 4 15 24 47 -23 25
17 Newcastle 26 6 7 13 22 34 -12 25
18 Southampton 26 5 9 12 28 44 -16 24
19 Fulham 26 4 5 17 25 58 -33 17
20 Huddersfield 26 2 5 19 14 48 -34 11