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Football packages to Leeds

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About football packages with Leeds

Leeds United is one of England’s grand old clubs which seem to be resting on their laurels at the moment. Because even though Leeds is currently playing in the second division in the championship, they have a history of three championship victories, an FA Cup triumph, a league cup and a UEFA cup, not forgetting a finals spot in the current Champions League. The club was relegated in 2007 due to financial problems, and since then, they haven’t quite bounced back to their former glory.

The most convenient way to organise a football trip to Leeds and the rest of football Europe is to use a travel agent specialising in arranging and delivering sports trips. They offer packages with flights, game tickets and accommodation to make it as easy as possible for you. Of course, you can also get your tickets on the Leeds United website, at the arena or by phone. You can see a list of selected football trips to Leeds below.

Leeds United was founded in 1919, and by 1924 they were moved to the top division in the UK. The following years were mainly spent trying to hang on to that spot, and they didn’t succeed every season, causing a few trips to the second division. In the 1960s and 70s, Leeds still dominated British football and won two English championships, a league title, two UEFA Cups and a victory in what is now known as the Champions League. Since being relegated in 2007, Leeds has been playing in the lower English divisions. In 2010, the team managed to get to the second division, the Championships, and has held steady there ever since.

Things to do in Leeds

Other than being a great football destination, Leeds has plenty to offer. With well over 700,000 inhabitants, Leeds is not just one of the biggest English cities, it is also one of the biggest in Europe. In other words, you will find plenty to do there. Among other things, Leeds annually hosts the UK’s third biggest carnival, with more than 100,000 people. The city also offers plenty of great restaurants, museums and attractions to explore.

A Few Words About Elland Road

Are you looking for an English football experience outside of the Premier League? Then Leeds United and their home turf at Elland Road might be just what you’re looking for. Leeds play in the second highest division, the Championship, and have one of England’s biggest arenas, known for offering the best atmosphere in the league.

Elland Road can seat a massive 37,890 spectators when Leeds United are playing on their home grounds. This makes the venue the 13th biggest in the country when it comes to seats. Outside of the Premier League, Elland Road is the fourth largest British arena, and you can always get a nice cuppa there.

The arena is inofficially designated England’s best arena in the second highest division due to the great atmosphere, and to being filled to capacity for most games.

Elland Road’s History

Elland Road opened in 1897, and ever since Leeds United was founded in 1919, they have been playing their home games there. In the 80s, the arena was also the home of the Hunslet Hawks’ rugby team.

As part of its illustrious history, Elland Road has also hosted FA Cup semi-finals and home games for the England team. The arena was also one of eight selected for games when the UK hosted the European Championships in 1996.

The arena has also been used outside the world of sports, with concerts from giants like Queen, U2, Happy Mondays and Kaiser Chiefs.


At the heart of Leeds, you’re never further than two or three miles from Elland Road. Walking distance, in other words. If you’re driving, you can take the M621 from Central Road, which will take just eight minutes if there isn’t too much traffic. You can also travel by public transport from Vicar Lane, for example, which will take you to the arena in under 10 minutes.

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