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Football packages to Juventus

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About football packages with Juventus

Juventus, or “the Old Lady”, as the club is also called, is Italy’s most successful club through the ages, with home grounds in Turin. Other than spending a single season in the B Series during the 2006/2007 season, where they were relegated due to bribery suspicions, Juventus has been one of the best Italian teams in modern times. The zebra-striped club also holds the most national championship victories, having won Lo Scudetto an impressive 32 times.

The easiest way to arrange a football trip to Turin, and all of football Europe, is to use a travel agent specialising in sports and football. They offer convenient packages including flights, accommodation and game tickets, but you can also arrange your trip by yourself, buying tickets at the Juventus website, at the stadium or by phone.

Juventus was founded in 1897, and just nine years later, were the first victors of the national championships. They have been going strong ever since, bringing home plenty of titles. 32 A Series titles (the club website states 34, but they lost their titles in 2005 and 2006 as part of the corruption scandal which relegated the team to the B Series in 2006/2007), two Champions League trophies, a massive 11 Coppa Italia trophies, two Intercontinental Cups and, finally, three European League/UEFA cups. The team has also won the A Series five seasons in a row, during 2012-2016.

Things to do in Torino

Torino has a number of beautiful churches and museums on offer, like the esteemed Egyptian Museum. You will also find shopping centres and plenty of nice restaurants serving top quality cuisine in the area.

A Few Words About Juventus Stadium

If you’re a Juventus fan, or if you’re after a football experience out of the ordinary, set your sights on Turin and the Juventus Stadium, home of Italy’s most successful team. The atmosphere at the arena is exceptional, and you can sit so close to the pitch, you’ll just about be able to touch the players.

The new, modern arena from 2011 can seat 41,507 spectators, which is actually not a whole lot considering the size of other major European and Italian team home turfs. But Juventus Stadium has something the others are missing: a distance of less than 25 feet between the pitch and the front row seats. That creates a presence and an intensity which you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. The spectator record is 41,470, and was achieved in December of 2016 at the game versus AS Roma.

Juventus Stadium’s History

Juventus, or “the Old Lady” as the team is known, was founded in 1897. During the first few years, they played at a number of arenas: Parco del Valentino, Piazza d’Armini, Corso Marsiglia and Stadio Mussolino, to name a few.

In 1990, the club moved in at Stadio Delle Alpi where they, along with local rivals Torina FC, played their home games until 2006. Then they moved to the newly renovated Stadio Olimpico, which they called home until the completion of Juventus Stadium in 2011.

No matter where Juventus have played their home games, they have always been a force to be reckoned with on their home turf, and very few visiting teams have been able to leave with a victory.


Juventus Stadium is located just north of the centre of Turin, between the city’s heart and the Venaria Reale area. From the city centre, you can easily make your way to the arena via Corso Regina Margherita or the A55/E64, which will get you there in about 25 minutes if there isn’t too much trffic. If you prefer the bus, you can catch number 29, Fermata 1294 – Solferino, which will take about 36 minutes and costs 1.5€.