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The English Premier League, often referred to as the EPL, is recognised around the world as the best league in the world. Players from across the globe dream to play at famous grounds such as Old Trafford, St James Park, Stamford Bridge, The Emirates Stadium and Anfield, amongst others. In recent years, some of the world’s most expensive players have enthralled Premier League crowds across the country and have been watched by millions across the world. In fact, the Premier League is so popular around the globe it is broadcast in 212 countries giving EPL games a potential television audience of 4.7 billion people. That worldwide television revenue alone generates £billions each year and is distributed amongst the clubs depending on their final standing the previous year. For this reason, promotion to the English Premier League is highly prized and fiercely fought over in the English Championship.

Contested by 20 clubs, the English Premier League operates a system of promotion and relegation similar to the main football leagues worldwide. As well as English teams those clubs from wales who play in the English Football League can also qualify to enter the EPL; recent examples include Cardiff City and Swansea City Football Clubs.


Currently, the top four teams in the league qualify to enter the UEFA Champions League with the first three entering the group stage directly and the team in fourth place must enter a play off in order to win a place in the group stages.

The English Premier League season runs from August to May and each team plays the other clubs twice, both home and away giving a 38 game season. So popular has the league become that in the 2010-11 season the English Premier League reached new heights with stadium occupancy reaching an average of 92% with the typical attendance at games being 35,363. The leagues success has continued to grow year on year and, in fact, based upon the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) coefficients the EPL continues to be ranked second amongst the leading European competitions and has been for the past five years.

Since its inception in 1992, the dominant team in the English Premier League has been Manchester United who have won an amazing 13 EPL titles in 23 years. United’s nearest rivals Chelsea have won the league 4 times with Arsenal trailing with 3 titles. The only former EPL champions who do not currently compete in the EPL are 1995 winners Blackburn Rovers.


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Tickets for Football League Championship games are available from individual clubs and a number of brokers. Often, to encourage loyalty, season ticket holders can buy tickets to games up to a week in advance of them becoming available to the public. You can check out your favorite clubs fixtures by visiting the clubs website or other related websites to plan your journey. As a modern European country, England is well supported by both rail and road services and most Championship clubs are within a short distance of the main avenues of transport.

For those traveling to the UK from European destinations there are many airports which can take you to the regions in which your favorite club resides. For example, London is well equipped for the international traveler with Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted able to provide Championship games in the south east of the country. Furthermore, in the midlands you have East Midlands airport, amongst others, Leeds and Bradford airport can cater for the North East whilst Manchester airport can accommodate Championship games in the north west of England.


Such is the popularity of football in England when the Football league Championship was founded, back in the 2004-05 season, it boasted a total attendance of 9.8 million, which, at the time, was the fourth highest attendance for a European football division. This is even more impressive when you think the only divisions ahead of it were the English Premier league with a total attendance of 12.88 million, La Liga of Spain with 11.57 million and the Bundesliga of German with 10.92 million. As such, it means in its debut season the English Championship boasted a better total attendance than Italy’s Serie A who had 9.77 million and Ligue 1 of France with 8.18 million.

Since its inception, the league has been much larger than most of its European contemporaries with 24 teams rather the customary 20 football clubs that contest the championship. A major factor in the leagues success has come from its increased television revenue which is one of the best in the world for a secondary league. In fact, the Football League Championship is unique in European football because not only is so well supported but it is extremely well covered by television and broadcast across the world. So high is the demand for Championship games that between 2009 and 2012 Sky Sports had the rights to broadcast 65 live matches as well as the promotion play offs each season. This deal, which included a highlights show on the BBC was worth £264m which was the highest ever paid to a secondary football league anywhere in the world.