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Football packages to Everton

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About football packages with Everton

Everton, from the neighborhood of the same name in Liverpool, is one of the most venerable, English football clubs. Everton actually has the record for the number of played seasons in the highest series. Today, Everton is the little brother of Liverpool FC, but during certain periods of time, they have been pretty much equal.

Many of Everton’s home games are sold out a long time in advance. This especially applies to games against the classic great teams, and in particular when they play a derby against Liverpool. If you want to be sure about getting game tickets, you should turn to a Swedish travel agent who can offer you single tickets as well as package trips with hotel and perhaps flights.

Everton FC was formed in 1878 and is therefore one of the oldest clubs in England. The club partook in the first edition of The Football League in 1888. The Toffees, which is the most used nickname for the team, has managed to acquire a great number of titles throughout its history. It can brag about nine League titles, five FA Cup titles and one win in the UEFA Cup Winners Cup. The 1930’s, 1960’s and 1980’s are regarded as Everton’s golden ages.

Other things to do in Liverpool

Liverpool has in recent decades gone from being a pretty run-down industrial city to a cultural center. Many of the beautiful old buildings in the city has been turned into museums and art galleries. The shopping is also excellent. One thing you can’t miss when visiting Liverpool is taking the ferry over the Mersey river while humming Ferry Cross the Mersey by Gerry and the Pacemakers.

Briefly about Goodison Park

Goodison Park in Liverpool is the home stadium for Everton FC and one of the oldest stadiums in England. As opposed to other classic stadiums in England, Goodison Park has always been used for football alone. Here you can watch The Toffees play their home games. If you are lucky, you might get a hold of tickets for the Merseyside derby, regarded by many to be the greatest game in England.

Goodison Park was inaugurated in 1892 and can today hold 40,157 spectators, but things were different in the 1940’s, when the capacity was about 80,000. The attendance record was set in 1948 when 78,299 people watched the Merseyside derby between Everton and Liverpool.

Everton was formed in 1878. During its initial years the club played their home games on a grassy area of Stanley Park. Stanley Park is today the park that resides right between Goodison Park and Liverpool FC’s home stadium Anfield. After that, the club played a few seasons at Priory Road.

In 1884 Everton was moved to Anfield where a new stadium had been built. However, after a few people in Everton’s board couldn’t agree on the future of the club as well as the fact that the rent for Anfield was significantly increased, the team decided to leave Anfield and build a new stadium – Goodison Park.

Goodison Park was inaugurated on August 24th 1982, and the first game in the stadium was between Everton and Bolton (Everton won by 2-0).

During the first decades of the 1900’s, several additions were made on the stadium, but after that nothing major happened until 1971, when the main stand was given another story. During the 1990’s Goodison has been converted to only offer seats.

Goodison Park is about four kilometers northeast of central Liverpool. The stadium has Stanley Park as its neighbor in the north. It is a painless endeavor to walk to the stadium from central London, and several bus lines also pass the area. During match days there are special buses from the Sandhills railway station to Goodison Park.