Football Packages to Spain

It is not a coincidence that it has been a team from Spain that has lifted The Champions League trophy six times in the last ten years. Spanish football is on a complete level on their own, and the Spanish league attracts the biggest football names in the world. Therefore Spain and La Liga is the ulimate wet dream for every football fan.

There is a saying that says that football is like a religion in Spain, and there is something in that. Football is undoubtedly Spain’s national sport. The sport is considered to be a religion in all classes of society and there is a great number of sport magazines that analyse every aspect of the game. Everyone in Spain has its favourite team and everywhere you can hear people talk about football; at work and at the cafes, both before and after the games.

The biggest game in Europe – El Clássico

We often associate Spanish football with the two biggest football teams in Europe, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. And the biggest football event in Europe is when these two teams meets in a game, called ”El Clássico”. When the two teams challenge each other in a game, they are watched by either 82, 000 supporters at Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid or by 99, 000 supporters at Camp Nou in Barcelona. In addition, one billion people all around the world follow the game. There is hardly another game that is that hyped-up. The game also include the battle between the two best players in the world, Messi and Ronaldo.

Spanish Football is more than Barca and Real

The games between Real and Barca is the ultimate treat to watch. Therefore, the tickets are sold out in no time at all and the ticket prices are completely insane.

Although Spanish football offer much more than El Clássico. There are several big football teams in the Spanish league, and many games are worth seeing. Teams like Atlético de Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla are also very succesful and they always offer high class football. Moreover, Spain will also offer you great weather, and many cultural and culinary experiences wait in the bigger cities in Spain. You can easily get a ticket for about 40 Euro to any of these games in La Liga. 

If you do want to watch Barca’s superfast offensive football or Real’s star players choose a game when they play against any of the other teams in the league. Then it is usually easier to find tickets at a more reasonable level.

If you cannot get tickets to El Clássico, try to get tickets to the derby between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. It is worth the money . The ”small” team from Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, has during the last couple of years been at the top of the league and was the Spanish Football Champions in 2014.

Unlike many other European leagues, hooliganism is rare at Spanish football grounds. There is almost never any violence at the games, which means that families can safely take the children to the games.