Football packages to Italy

The Italian league, Serie A, offers a great number of really exciting football games, with big teams like AC Milan, Inter, Juventus, AS Roma, SS Lazio and Fiorentina. At every game, the Italian fans –” tifosis”– create an atmosphere that is impossible to find elsewhere in Europe.

Football is one of the most popular sports in Italy. The Italians live and breathe football, something that you will notice everywhere, and especially, before a game. The football culture, as well as the passion for the game, seem to be genuine in Italy, where every stadium also has developed a character of its own.

In addition, Italy offers delicious food and a pleasant weather and is therefore a great football destination, especially during the cold spring or the wet autumn in Sweden.

Stadio Olimpico and the battle of Rome

One arena in Italy, that offers a very intimate atmosphere, is the Olympic Stadium, Stadio Olimpico, in Rome. The stadium has space for 73, 000 fanatic tifosis and it is the home stadium for the two big teams, SS Lazio and AS Roma. One of the mightiest games in Italian football, is when the two teams meet in the fantastic local derby called ”Derby della Capitale”. The first derby was played in 1929 and since then, Roma has won 51 games and Lazio has won 37 games – and 57 times it has been a draw.

The Roma fans occupy the southern end of Stadio Olimpico (Curva Sud), and the Lazio fans occupy the northern end (Curva Nord). During the games, there always is a fierce atmosphere between the Lazio fans and the Roma fans, and off and on violence is likely to break out.

The Italian Football Federation takes every precaution to avoid riots, among other things through shutting out hooligans. There will also be many police officers on the ground, to make sure that the game can run smoothly. Still, try to avoid the part of the arena, where the most extreme fans, the ”Ultras”, are seated.

Local derby at San Siro – Derby della Madonnina

The capital of Northern Italy, Milano, is a city that many people associate with fashion and style, but Milano is also famous for having two of the biggest football teams in Italy – AC Milan and FC Internazionale Milano (Inter). Both teams play at the enormous stadium, San Siro Stadium. If you are lucky to be in Milan during the local derby, ”Derby della Madonnina”, expect that the game will be sold out.

However, San Siro offers many other great games. One of them is ”Derby d'Italia”, the game between two of the most successful teams in Italy; Juventus from Turin and Inter from Milano. A football trip to Milano is a win-win situation; you can enjoy the football atmosphere at San Siro, while your wife or girlfriend can enjoy shopping in the No. 1 Fashion City in Europe.

Italian football is more than Rome and Milan

Italian football is so much more than Rome and Milano. For example, in Napoli you will find Italy’s third biggest stadium, San Paolo, the home stadium for Napoli SC. And in Florence, you will find ACF Fiorentina and its home stadium, Stadio Artemio Franchi, with space for 46, 300 spectators. Lots of opportunities to watch great football waits for you in Italy.

A football trip to Italy, not only offer exciting and memorable world class football, there will also be   opportunities to explore fantastic wines and exceptional culinary experiences.