Football packages to England

England is considered the home of the game of football and it is belived that the sport originated here. It was the English Football Association, that already in 1863, established the first rules of the game – the frames for the fantastic game we call football. The British people, has ever since then, been crazy about football and the English Premier League is today the greatest and most watched league in the world. It is not hard to understand why Premier League is at the top of the list of every football fan.

Amazing football culture – You will never walk alone

Listening to 45, 000 fans, at Anfield, in Liverpool, singing Gerry and the Pacemaker’s “You’ll never walk alone” will give you goose bumps. Liverpool’s home arena, Anfield Road, is world famous for its unique atmosphere, as well as supporters that demonstrates extraordinary dedication to the club, something that you hardly can experience elsewhere.

When you watch a game of football in England you notice quite soon that for some fans it is more than only a sport event. It is passion. For some people, the club is almost more important than the family.

If you plan to visit a football game in England, make sure you do not miss the wonderful atmosphere at the local pubs where the fans are getting ready before the game starts. But think twice about which football top to put on or which colour to wear – before you enter the pub!

World class historical arena experiences

No matter if you visit, White Heart Lane, Stamford Bridge or Anfield Road, you will get a unique and memorable experience. These old and legendary Premier League arenas are all old and intimate, built in the 1900th century – you can almost feel the history.

Of course, Premier League also offers top modern arena experiences at stadiums, that has been built recently. For example, Arsenal’s home arena” Emirates Stadium” or Manchester City’s” City of Manchester Stadium”. These brand new arenas are examples of top modern arenas with everything that goes with it.

Premier League offers everything – rivalries, big city derbies and local derbies

Premier League offers many really good derbies. The North London Derby, Arsenal vs. Tottenham, is the biggest game in London – a legendary rivalry. It is always an intense atmosphere, whenever the two team meets and has always been – the rivalry dates back to when the teams first met, in 1887.

Another legendary derby is the one between Liverpool and Manchester United. It is not only a derby; it is also a game between two of the most successful teams in England ever. The rivalry dates back to the industrialisation, when the two cities were competing for the title “The most important city in the North East”.

Another derby that has developed into a mighty derby, is the local derby between the two clubs in Manchester; Manchester City and Manchester United. Both team has for several years appeared in top of the Premier League, so often when the two teams meet in a game, it is also about which team that is going to settle the championship.

Always worth a visit

As you can see, England offers lots of exciting football experiences, no matter when you are planning to visit. Have a look at the different football packages to England and choose the one that fits your diary best.

We promise it will be an exciting and memorable trip!